A new narrative requires a new expression. In Voices, Culture.fashion provides insight into the values formulated by the network. A series of quotes illustrates the individual and collective motivations for moving towards a future-proof fashion sector. Voices is a new kind of manifesto that gives shape to the polyphony that characterises the project. A work in progress, constantly evolving, a continuous dialogue.

“Sharing stories and making connections.”

“Keep looking for the other during the creative process, also outside of fashion.”

“Local instead of global.”

“You deal with clothes differently if you know the makers. When you know the story behind it, you start building a relationship with a piece of clothing.”

“Where is the true appreciation for the makers? Why aren't they invited more often?”

“Everyone starts to realize we need each other of we want to change the system.”

“Fashion is searching. What is the role of fashion in today’s society?”

“Fashion has been swallowed by consumerism.”

“Fashion should be about craftmanship and keeping stuff instead throwing it out.”

“And about identity and ethnicity.”

“A connection with nature.”

“We need technology to change the system.”


"Inclusive instead of exclusive".”

“Transparency cannot be taken for granted in a sector that revolves around illusions.”

“The aesthetics of not-perfect.”

Names in alfabetical order of workinggroup Narrative & Media and Interviewees:

Danielle Bruggeman | Ista Boszhard | Joan den Exter | Pascale Gatzen | Elsien Gringhuis | Sjaak Hullekes | Willemien Ippel | Ytha Kempes | Nannet van der Kleijn | Sebastiaan Kramer | Bregje Lampe | Peter Leferink | Troy Nachtigall | Branko Popovic | Studio PMS | Iris Ruisch | Jan Schoon | Dirk Reynders | Sophie Roumans | Roosmarie Ruigrok | Rielle Schoeman | Hebe Verstappen | Lisa Witte