Garment stories

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Garment stories is a campaign from Fashion Revolution NL that offers the possibility to look back on your own fashion stories and to connect with other change-makers.

Motivation for the campaign

The idea of garment stories came from a previous workshop where participants wrote a love letter to their garments. By filling out a brief checklist with sustainable habits, you can reflect on your own behaviour in a conversation with members from Fashion Revolution. You can then make a promise to your future self. This exercise helped the participants see clothing less as an object and sparked questions about their relationship to these garments: What memories do I have with it? One thing still remains unclear: Why do items come in or go out of our wardrobe? What are their stories?

Goal of the Campaign

Garment Storie’s goal is to make people think and revalue the clothing they already have. Through this we understand our behaviour in relation to the garment, aspiring to treat it better. At the end of the exercise, we were tasked to make one sustainable promise for the future.

Inside the campaign

Many participants feel that once they have bought second hand, they have contributed sufficiently to sustainable fashion. Garment Stories offered them the chance to consider other ethical choices. We were struck by how simple, and impactful some of the habits appeared. Though the experience was confronting, we learnt to check the care labels and wash our clothes less frequently.

What’s next?

Fashion Revolution NL wishes to translate this simple formula to the digital world, creating an online campaign with further reach. It speaks to individuals whose mindsets are ethically oriented, but whose behaviours remain less so. With the goal of addressing this gap, Fashion Revolution NL hopes to spark conversation on what our behaviours say about us, and how we can shift them towards a more sustainable future. Fashion Revolution NL continues to host events on sustainability. Be sure to check their website for future campaigns!

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