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Culture.Fashion is an open, value-driven network of people and organisations who want to work together on a future-proof fashion sector in the Netherlands.

The fast life cycle of clothing, extreme waste of materials, worldwide transportation of raw materials and products, dreadful working conditions and disastrous consequences for the climate must change. Worldwide there is growing support for the necessary change, transparency and further collaboration that put forwards a diverse range of fashion values – financial and environmental values combined with social and cultural values.

With Culture.Fashion, different parties are brought together; new local initiatives are started; a culture of collaboration is stimulated; tools are presented to highlight the Dutch fashion landscape; and the future of fashion in the Netherlands in 2050 will be explored and shaped in various working groups.

Different working groups provide substance and direction to the Culture.Fashion program and play an essential role in identifying and involving other parties and operationalising the five values that form the foundation for Culture.Fashion:

1. Working together through knowledge sharing
Learning from and with each other. Connecting existing and new work. Joining forces.

2. Interdisciplinarity & Inclusivity
Embracing / appreciating and implementing different disciplines, fields, expertises, cultures, traditions, perspectives and views.

3. Fair & Transparent
Ethical production processes. Transparency regarding problems and challenges. Sharing of information, findings and networks.

4. Sustainable networks: worldwide and local
Promote local production and global connectivity. Contribute to the development of regenerative cities and a circular economy in 2050.

5. Collaborative network: you in the network.
Sustainable commitments with other players in the (local) chain and in the Culture.Fashion network.

During the program, we will continue to evaluate the impact of the network and the chosen collaboration model: Do we realize our values, both in the field and together?

Become part of this value-driven network and work on future proof fashion in the Netherlands!