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RCDF presented The Linen Project at Global Fashioning Assembly

By Branko Popovic

The Research Collective for Decoloniality and Fashion (RCDF) is honoured and excited to present The Linen Project (TLP) for the first Global Fashioning Assembly (GFA22) on Saturday 22 October 2022

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Designer-artist Yamuna Forzani creates her own queer utopia

By Rolien Zonneveld

Rolien Zonneveld interviewed designer and artist Yamuna Forzani who creates her own queer utopia not only with her own work but also with The Utopia Ball. With this project she won the Fashion category of Dutch Design Awards 2022.

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Renée Mes door Nannet van der Kleijn

By Nannet van der Kleijn

Interview met Renée Mes door Nannet van der Kleijn “Ik gebruik liever de term queer in plaats van LGBTQIA+, voor mijn gevoel is queer overkoepelend voor iedereen.”

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By Mehtap Gungormez

In dialoog met de deelnemers en initiatiefnemers van OUTSIDERWEAR.

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“From Scratch” by New Order of Fashion

By Zuza Nazaruk

“From Scratch” by New Order of Fashion – a step forward in fashion’s transformation towards circularity

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The Future of Fashion Feels Different

By Noukhey Forster

Noukhey Forster visited presentations of two upcoming designers during Amsterdam Fashion Week in September; Roxane Mbanga and Darwin Winklaar who offered an alternative fashion presentation.

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De missie van ‘lobbygroep’ Taskforce Fashion: maatschappelijke verandering dankzij mode

By Jeroen Junte

Jeroen Junte in gesprek met Branko Popovic, Iris Ruisch en Esther Muñoz Grootveld, initiatiefnemers van Taskforce Fashion, een coaltie van FASHIONCLASH, M-ODE en State of Fashion

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‘The new’ isn’t chic, or is it?

By Lindy Boerman

Lindy Boerman, student at the MA Fashion Strategy of ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem, attended the online event by Fashion for Good x Redress event and wrote a reflection.

Cover image for how-the-reflow-project-turns-amsterdam-into-europes-testing-ground-for-textile-circularity

How the Reflow project turns Amsterdam into Europe’s testing ground for textile circularity

By Zuza Nazaruk

Zuza Nazaruk in conversation with initiators of REFLOW, a project that aims to develop circular and regenerative cities through enabling active citizen involvement and systemic change to re-think the current approach to material flows in cities.

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Reframe Fashion

By Dyana Wing So

Dyana Wing So to reflected on the virtual conference RE-FRAME FASHION: Innovation in Fashion Education.

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Building New Bridges & Looking Forward

By Philippe Pourhashemi

A Review of FASHIONCLASH Festival: The Digital Edition

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In conversation with Ninke Bloemberg

By Nannet van der Kleijn

Nannet van der Kleijn in conversation with Ninke Bloemberg, a Fashion Curator at Centraal Museum NL and for other collective exhibitions

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A garment in a magazine, is a magazine

By Dr Daphne Mohajer va Pesaran

Our Rags Magazine is a collaborative project by Aimée Zito Lema and Elisa van Joolen that investigates transformative processes, proposing new forms of collective production aimed at the reuse of discarded clothing and textiles.


Cover image for Circular Innovation Collective | Textile - Impact Hub Amsterdam

June 2022-2024

External URL

Circular Innovation Collective | Textile - Impact Hub Amsterdam

In the Circular Textile Innovation program, we will support the MRA region to achieve its goal of 50% circular textiles in 2030 by scaling up circular innovations using a new approach developed by Metabolic, BwB and Impact Hub Amsterdam.

  • Impact Hub Netherlands
  • Amsterdam Economic Board
  • Clean & Unique
Cover image for Waag | Women in Fashion: paving the way for female entrepreneurs


External URL

Waag | Women in Fashion: paving the way for female entrepreneurs

Four experts discussed how to bridge the gender gap of women in leading positions, in the textile and clothing industry.

  • TextileLab Amsterdam Waag
  • Impact Hub Netherlands
  • Clean & Unique
Cover image for SoTecIn Factory

June 2022-2024

External URL

SoTecIn Factory

Impact Hub Amsterdam is working on Social & Tech Innovation Factory for Low-Carbon & Circular Industrial Value Chains – connecting a community of mission-oriented innovators, supporting entrepreneurs and promoting social innovation in Europe.

  • Impact Hub Netherlands
  • New Order of Fashion
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam / ESHCC / DIT
Cover image for Local Color Amsterdam natural dyes research

February 2023 - May 2025

External URL

Local Color Amsterdam natural dyes research

Local color is a creative research project exploring the city as an enabling environment for closed-loop small-scale production of natural dyes. Can we repurpose urban green for learning, exploring and rediscovering local natural colors around us?

  • TextileLab Amsterdam Waag