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Nannet van der Kleijn in gesprek met Francisco van Benthum

By Nannet van der Kleijn

Dialogue #11 - Francisco van Benthum en Nannet van der Kleijn

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Reflow - Circular Textile Festival

By Sarah Vandoorne

In hoeverre slaagt Reflow erin om de klerezooi (en de welvaart) te herverdelen?

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Local for Local

By Zinzi de Brouwer

On 15 January 2021 the Culture.Fashion network organized the live-stream event RENEW THE SYSTEM in collaboration with fashion label Hul le Kes. Fashion.

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De missie van ‘lobbygroep’ Taskforce Fashion: maatschappelijke verandering dankzij mode

By Jeroen Junte

Jeroen Junte in gesprek met Branko Popovic, Iris Ruisch en Esther Muñoz Grootveld, initiatiefnemers van Taskforce Fashion, een coaltie van FASHIONCLASH, M-ODE en State of Fashion

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Reframe Fashion

By Dyana Wing So

Dyana Wing So to reflected on the virtual conference RE-FRAME FASHION: Innovation in Fashion Education.

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The Craft of the Personal

By Haitian Ma

Haitian Ma was invited to attend Power to the Personal talk that featured talents Leyla-Nour Benouniche, Rossel Chaslie, Tobie van Putten and Jarmal Martis. Moderated by Manique Hendricks and Sharvin Ramjan.

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Beyond (human) bodies: designing with non-humans in mind

By Lena Bäunker

Lena Bäunker was invited to attend Beyond Bodies talk that featured talents Hanneke Klaver and Tosca Schift (Ant Eye), Luis Ferreira, Basse Stittgen and Dasha Tsapenko. Moderated by Esther Muñoz Grootveld and Yophi Ignacia.


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June 2022-2024

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Circular Innovation Collective | Textile - Impact Hub Amsterdam

In the Circular Textile Innovation program, we will support the MRA region to achieve its goal of 50% circular textiles in 2030 by scaling up circular innovations using a new approach developed by Metabolic, BwB and Impact Hub Amsterdam.

  • Impact Hub Netherlands
  • Amsterdam Economic Board
  • Clean & Unique
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Waag | Reflow Instructable 3: Darning Wool

Repair instructable for mending jumpers, socks and anything else made in wool. Part of the Reflow project.

  • TextileLab Amsterdam Waag
  • Clean & Unique
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February 2023 - May 2025

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Local Color Amsterdam natural dyes research

Local color is a creative research project exploring the city as an enabling environment for closed-loop small-scale production of natural dyes. Can we repurpose urban green for learning, exploring and rediscovering local natural colors around us?

  • TextileLab Amsterdam Waag