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RCDF presented The Linen Project at Global Fashioning Assembly

By Branko Popovic

The Research Collective for Decoloniality and Fashion (RCDF) is honoured and excited to present The Linen Project (TLP) for the first Global Fashioning Assembly (GFA22) on Saturday 22 October 2022

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Designer-artist Yamuna Forzani creates her own queer utopia

By Rolien Zonneveld

Rolien Zonneveld interviewed designer and artist Yamuna Forzani who creates her own queer utopia not only with her own work but also with The Utopia Ball. With this project she won the Fashion category of Dutch Design Awards 2022.

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Renée Mes door Nannet van der Kleijn

By Nannet van der Kleijn

Interview met Renée Mes door Nannet van der Kleijn “Ik gebruik liever de term queer in plaats van LGBTQIA+, voor mijn gevoel is queer overkoepelend voor iedereen.”

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Zadnja Roštiljada “The Last Barbeque” by HVMBLE HVSTLE

By Noukhey Forster

Step inside Marco Blazevic’s world of working-class heroes and other characters at the edge of society.

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A reflection on Ways of Caring

By Zinzi de Brouwer

A reflection on Ways of Caring – Practicing Solidarity conference 30th June 2022 by Zinzi de Brouwer

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By Mehtap Gungormez

In dialoog met de deelnemers en initiatiefnemers van OUTSIDERWEAR.

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The Future of Fashion Feels Different

By Noukhey Forster

Noukhey Forster visited presentations of two upcoming designers during Amsterdam Fashion Week in September; Roxane Mbanga and Darwin Winklaar who offered an alternative fashion presentation.

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On decolonizing fashion

By Carmen Hogg

First Reflection; style anthropologist, creative producer and writer Carmen Hogg reflecting on the first Whataboutery. by State of Fashion.

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India’s Decolonial Approaches to land, labour, and the fashion industry

By Oshin Siao Bhatt

Whataboutery 02 - India’s Decolonial Approaches to land, labour, and the fashion industry

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Building New Bridges & Looking Forward

By Philippe Pourhashemi

A Review of FASHIONCLASH Festival: The Digital Edition

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In conversation with Ninke Bloemberg

By Nannet van der Kleijn

Nannet van der Kleijn in conversation with Ninke Bloemberg, a Fashion Curator at Centraal Museum NL and for other collective exhibitions

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The Craft of the Personal

By Haitian Ma

Haitian Ma was invited to attend Power to the Personal talk that featured talents Leyla-Nour Benouniche, Rossel Chaslie, Tobie van Putten and Jarmal Martis. Moderated by Manique Hendricks and Sharvin Ramjan.

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Beyond (human) bodies: designing with non-humans in mind

By Lena Bäunker

Lena Bäunker was invited to attend Beyond Bodies talk that featured talents Hanneke Klaver and Tosca Schift (Ant Eye), Luis Ferreira, Basse Stittgen and Dasha Tsapenko. Moderated by Esther Muñoz Grootveld and Yophi Ignacia.


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Waag | Women in Fashion: paving the way for female entrepreneurs

Four experts discussed how to bridge the gender gap of women in leading positions, in the textile and clothing industry.

  • TextileLab Amsterdam Waag
  • Impact Hub Netherlands
  • Clean & Unique
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Waag | Reflow Instructable 3: Darning Wool

Repair instructable for mending jumpers, socks and anything else made in wool. Part of the Reflow project.

  • TextileLab Amsterdam Waag
  • Clean & Unique