The fashion industry is in need of change.

Roosmarie Ruigrok, sustainable fashion & textile expert

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"The fashion industry is in need of change. Consumers are buying more, while caring less. Clean & Unique is my contribution towards a different system. It is about uniqueness beautifully thought-out designs smaller collections, higher quality, sustainable materials, craftsmanship; basically it is about real value in the chain. I am convinced that investing in a high-quality wardrobe is a first step towards less textile waste."

Roosmarie Ruigrok is a sustainable fashion & textile expert, specialised in working towards a fair supply chain. In 2007 she founded Clean & Unique, a platform that helps brands and start-ups in fashion to understand more about sustainability in fashion and textiles. The municipality of Amsterdam asked Roosmrie to be one of the driving forces behind the Reflow Amsterdam project, that examines the use of raw materials and that is focused on discarded textiles.