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TextileLab Amsterdam Waag
Design: Designer, Design - Tech & Pattern
Research: Material / Tech, Fashion / Culture, Circular Economy, Sustainability Supply Chain, Fashion / Tech
Education: Vocational Education And Training, Lab, Creative Space
Institutions: Ngo's
Manufacturing: Fibers & Raw Materials/

Organization's description

The award winning TextileLab Amsterdam researches, questions and speculates how we can help transition the textile and clothing industry towards a more sustainable and value driven approach. From a holistic approach we look at materials, tools, processes, culture and systems and how these are related. The research always has a collaborative and value driven nature, where findings are shared in a fully open source fashion to create knowledge exchange and foster collaboration with a range of diverse stakeholders. Circular economy, sustainable value flows and networks, as well as material research and innovation are at the core of the TextileLab operations, going hand in hand with exploring hands-on alternatives for design, fabrication and production. This wide range of operations and outcomes all feed into education innovation, supporting the change of this field starting from existing educational structures. In parallel, in the annual professionalisation programme Fabricademy, this knowledge and way of working is transferred and then implemented in our own research projects. in which innovation happens at the intersection of textiles, materials, biology and digital fabrication.

TextileLab Amsterdam Waag employees

  • Cecilia Raspanti
    Cecilia Raspanti
    co-Founder & co-Lead

    Creative researcher in colour, fashion, textiles & materials; digital fabrication expert. Creative research and technological development of new concepts and alternatives visions for the textile and clothing industry. Always inspired by human’s relation / connection to nature / technology, her latest research dives into microbiology, biotechnology and chemistry to rediscover colour and material properties.

  • Ista Boszhard
    Ista Boszhard
    Co-Founder & Co-Lead

    Ista Boszhard is co-founder and co-lead of Waag’s prize winning TextileLab Amsterdam where she mainly focuses on cultural innovation for the textile and clothing industry. In her work she always questions the status quo that we are used to and explores possible and desired alternatives. She empowers and connects people by building communities that want to push things forward together and is experienced in guiding people through transformative and creative processes. Being value-driven, she combines intuition and research into cultural studies.

  • Isabel Berentzen
    Isabel Berentzen
    Project Manager

    Isabel Berentzen is projectmanager with Waag's TextileLab. Here, she leads projects on the crossings of textiles, ecology, innovation and digital fabrication. Isabel is an industrial design engineer and worked as an innovation and production manager within the circular textile industry, where she led the process of recycling textile waste into new products.

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