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Textiel Race
Education: Vocational Education And Training, School & Academy, Lab, Creative Space, University, Applied University
Logistics: Transport
Institutions: Municipality, National, Regional / Province, European Union
Research: Circular Economy, Sustainability Supply Chain
Marketing: Pr, Branding, Influencer
Design: Design - Textiles

Organization's description

Textile Race inspires kids to be the circular pioneers of the future. We provide education about the current status of our fashion and textile industry, it's unsustainable practices but more importantly the examples of doing good! We combine education with a fun collection campaign. Schools engage in this action-campaign and collect, swap, repair en recycle old textiles and involve as many people with this project as possible. This way we make circular textile fun, educational and easy. In 2020 we organized our first race and in the mean time we already organized nine races throughout the Netherlands and collected more than 100.000 kg of old textile en the children did more than 1600 repairs.

Textiel Race employees

  • Timmy de Vos
    Timmy de Vos

    Founder of Race Against Waste, the company behind the Textiel Race. Providing education for schools about circular textiles. With our action-campaigns we engage schoolkids to collect, swap, repair en recycle textiles and involve their whole communities!

  • Louke Kreemers
    Louke Kreemers
    Projectmanager and communication
  • Rianka
    Projectmanager and communication