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Studio Ryn
Manufacturing: Tailoring & Bespoke, Workwear, Processing Discarded Materials, Other Textile Techniques
Design: Pattern Making
Education: Vocational Education And Training, Lab, Creative Space

Organization's description

Studio Ryn is a manufacturing company in the city of Arnhem, specialized in making sustainable fashion garments. The studio has been initiated by Arnheim Fashion Group (Hul le Kes) and vocational college Rijn IJssel to fill a gab of manufacturing possibilities within the Dutch ecosystem of fashion. The manufacturing company is specialized in small scale clothing and accessory production for sustainable brands. It has a good knowledge in upcycling materials and clothing towards high-end fashion. Clients of Studio Ryn are based in the Netherlands, Germany and France. They often choose for this company because of the flexibility and creative mindset. Studio Ryn is a social enterprise. It offers regular internships for vocational education ("mbo") and special internships in combination with Rijn IJssel. It also offers special programs for people with a distance to the labor market. They are accompanied by our staff to create a constant quality level. Studio Ryn is part of Arnheim Fashion Group, a company owned by Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer. Also part of this company are the fashion brand Hul le Kes and the Hul le Kes Recovery Studio.

Studio Ryn employees

  • Sebastiaan Kramer
    Sebastiaan Kramer
    Managing Director

    Managing director at Arnheim Fashion Group (Hul le Kes & Studio RYN) and artistic director at 'Duurzame Mode 025' and Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem. Educated as a Fashion Designer and Business Administrator Sebastiaan is specialized in alternative business management for creative companies. Next to managing my own company I give guest lectures at Wageningen University, Radboud University, AMFI and HAN University of Applied Science Arnhem Nijmegen. Together with Sjaak Hullekes I have been working in fashion since 2005. Together we are the owners of Arnheim Fashion Group, a social enterprise focusing on changing the fashion system and create new paradigms.

  • Irma Jans
    Irma Jans
    Office Manager
  • Reinder Schmidt
    Reinder Schmidt
    Product Developer/ Production Manager

    Product developer and designer at Arnheim Fashion Group (Hul le Kes & Studio RYN). Educated as a Fashion Designer at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Focussing on sustainable product development with reused and overstock materials and production possibilities in the Netherlands.