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Studio Mockingbird B.V.
Research: Fashion / Culture
Marketing: Branding
Platforms: Other Network / Working Group

Organization's description

Studio Mockingbird is a project studio at the intersection of design, fashion, textiles and culture. We create programs, organize events, help create strong brands and provide advice in the creative sector.
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Studio Mockingbird B.V. employees

  • Riëlle Schoeman
    Riëlle Schoeman

    Riëlle graduated from Saxion Hogescholen in Enschede with a degree in Fashion & Textile Technologies. In 2010 she completed her master Fashion Strategy at ArtEZ University of the Arts. With her project studio Studio Mockingbird she does consultancy and organizational work for cultural, fashion and design-related initiatives. She contributed greatly to the success and anchoring of FDFA in Arnhem and was also involved in INNOVATE, another leading initiative in the city. She has often worked as a project manager at, among others, ArtEZ School of the Arts, Museum Arnhem, Arnhemse Uitnacht and Ontwerp Platform Arnhem. Riëlle has been involved with FDFA from the start and became responsible for the entire festival after the first edition.