State of Fashion
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Organization's description

State of Fashion is an international fashion platform that connects pioneers in fashion design, research and business, and shares their ideas and innovations with the world. We stand for critical reflection on common positions and models in the fashion industry. With a biennial, discussion programs, labs for design research, exhibitions and publications, we bring visionary ideas from the Netherlands and abroad together. Together with designers, companies, scientists, educators, consumers and other stakeholders in fashion, we actively explore an urgently needed new fashion system. State of Fashion builds on the Arnhem Fashion Biennale (2005 - 2013) as well as on the profile built up by Arnhem as a hub for renewal, research and innovation in fashion. The platform is part of the Sonsbeek & State of Fashion Foundation, which also organizes the four-yearly Sonsbeek manifestation in Arnhem. The Foundation is structurally supported by the Municipality of Arnhem and the Province of Gelderland. From 2021 on, State of Fashion will be supported through the four-year funding system of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Science.

State of Fashion employees

  • Esther Munoz Grootveld
    Esther Munoz Grootveld
    Head of Programme

    Esther Muñoz Grootveld is a project manager, programme maker and strategic consultant in the field of fashion and design. She was trained at AMFI, but discovered during her studies that her interests went beyond fashion alone. In her work, she likes to work between the interfaces of fashion, design, architecture, art and society. Esther believes that the cultural domain is a ‘safe space’ in which valuable and viable ideas that help create a better world can blossom. With this vision in mind, she worked for amongst others Premsela (the former Dutch Institute for Design and Fashion), the International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam and Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. As Brand Consulting Manager at design agency COORDINATION ASIA, she managed design teams for several years in Shanghai, China. In 2017 she joined State of Fashion, the successor of the Arnhem Fashion Biennial, as their Head of Programme. In 2019 and 2020, she was also cultural intendant of De Wasserij, a hub for sustainable fashion in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.