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Sounds Like Tamara
Education: Applied University, School & Academy, University
Platforms: Festival / Cultural Event, Exhibition / Showroom, Other Network / Working Group
Research: Fashion / Culture

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Tamara van der Laarse (1977, Amsterdam ) is a soundartist, electronic music composer and educator. Her multidisciplinary practice spans formats including art performances, music releases, photography, video. Van der Laarse’s performances have appeared at fashion shows, art nights, club-, and museum nights. In her work she analyses different approaches with the use of sound and music, working almost like a sonic architect. Using electronic compositions, with own samples and various recordings, making shapes in sound, dynamic beats, dreamy soundtracks. The sound work is connected with movement for a human’s body, either choreographed for a runway or with dancers or eventually shaped in a video, as sound for an object. As an educator she has been tutoring /coaching fashion students in their final (graduation) assessment, to assist them how to work with music & sound for their graduation work. Previous collaborations with: the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Fashion Department, Amsterdam Fashion Instituut (Individuals by AMFI), ArtEz Fashion Design.

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  • Tamara Van Der Laarse
    Tamara Van Der Laarse

    Creative music designer, my work is the intersection between music and performing arts, where I design a story in sound and music. I collaborate with other artists who perform on stage, fashion designers, dancers / choreographers and light artists. I studied audiovisual arts and design at the Gerrit Rietveld Acadamy, I’m experienced with a conceptual approach in music. I perform, produce music, play piano, DJ. As an educator, I coach fashion students during their graduation, to assist them how to use music and sound for their work.