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Rijn IJssel
Education: Vocational Education And Training

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At Vocational College ROC Rijn IJssel Arnhem in The Netherlands we train our students to become Fashion Tailors as well as Fashion Designers at several graduation levels. Our teachers together with external Fashion Industry partners create the curriculum which is based on contemporary craftmanship. We firmly underline that sustainability is an important issue in the world of fashion, therefore it is an important theme in our educational objectives. We train our students to develop themselves as professionals with an awareness of the entire production cycle in which they fully sustain their love for fashion! ‘Studio RYN is a Dutch, full-fledged production studio in Arnhem where as well as production of unique pieces as small-scale production are possible. Production can be outsourced to Studio RYN. They can advise on and support you with design, pattern drawing, embroidery and sewing and many more. Unique pieces, samples and small-scale collections are developed at Studio RYN into a fully-fledged product in close consultation with the designer. We help designers realise their ideas. Studio RYN arose from ideas by Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer (Arnheim Fashion Group/ Hul Le Kes) to bring the manufacturing industry back to The Netherlands. Together with Vocation College ROC Rijn IJssel they developed Studio RYN.’
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  • Jolanda Buts
    Jolanda Buts
    Teamleader Fashion