Research center Sustainable & Functional Textiles
Manufacturing: Fibers & Raw Materials/, Processing Discarded Materials, Yarn Manufacturing, Industrial Technology / Smart Industry, Other Textile Techniques, Textile Manufacturing, Textile Printing & Finishing
Research: Material / Tech, Circular Economy
Platforms: Other Network / Working Group
Education: Lab, Applied University

Organization's description

Sustainable & Functional Textiles are everywhere and are becoming increasingly durable, smarter and more functional. The textile industry is able to innovate thanks to new technologies, smart materials and durable processes. Society faces complex issues. Smart and functional materials can help address these issues. The digitisation of production networks is making it possible to rapidly introduce innovations on the market. The research group Sustainable & Functional Textiles (SFT) develops innovative concepts and products by way of practice-oriented research in collaboration with companies, researchers and students.

Research center Sustainable & Functional Textiles employees

  • Theresia Grevinga
    Theresia Grevinga
    Projectleader/researcher in the sustainable line.