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NL NextFashion and Textiles
Platforms: Other Network / Working Group
Research: Fashion / Culture, Material / Tech, Circular Economy, Fashion / Tech, Sustainability Supply Chain

Organization's description

Network of professorships and research labs of ArtEZ, Saxion, Hogeschool van Amsterdam and TMO and Modint. We aim for a coherent research agenda and collaboration in research in clothing and textiles. Main topics are the relations between design, digitisation and sustainability, together with the role of fashion in society and consumer attitudes. We are open to more professorships to join.

NL NextFashion and Textiles employees

  • Rens Tap
    Rens Tap
    Program manager

    Reaching 40 years of experience in textiles and fashion since research of the fast fashion of that time, Turkish subcontracting in Amsterdam. Why do companies in the fashion and textiles work as they do? Where is new added value? Information and research should support practice and gut feeling. But starting from a startegy.