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New Order of Fashion
Design: Designer, Design - Textiles, Design - Yarns, Design - Clothing, Design - Accessories
Research: Fashion / Culture, Material / Tech, Circular Economy, Fashion / Tech
Education: Lab, Creative Space
Manufacturing: Processing Discarded Materials, Yarn Manufacturing

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***Materialising the future of fashion*** New Order of Fashion is a research and talent development platform. We passionately believe in shaping opportunities for those creative minds that can push boundaries and industry leaders that are ready to reimagine an equitable fashion system. By connecting our visionary design talents and resourceful experts at the New Order of Fashion LAB to sustainable sources, we collectively explore innovative design avenues to materialise sustainable solutions. Together, we illustrate actionable perspectives and sustainable opportunities for industry partners to change the status quo. It's time for a New Order of Fashion. Our brand new NOoF LAB - that opened its doors in 2022 - is a place to create, design and experiment for (aspiring) fashion designers of all stripes. To push for change, the LAB offers a safe-space area where design graduates get rare access to state of the art innovative tools, age old treasured craftsmanship techniques and a mentor team of design researchers. Every year, during Northern Europe’s largest design fair (Dutch Design Week), New Order of Fashion offers a stage for a selection of world’s most talented design graduates. Each year we show 30.000+ visitors the magic that happens when these genius minds stretch the creative potential of (sustainable) materials.

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    Enable forward thinking fashion design talent to boost the revolution of and the transition to a circular fashion industry! New Order of Fashion is the international platform for exceptional fashion talent. We support sustainability in fashion by presenting fresh and radical perspectives through innovation, experimentation and co-creation.