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Master Tailor Institute Amsterdam
Manufacturing: Tailoring & Bespoke
Design: Pattern Making, Design - Tech & Pattern
Platforms: Other Network / Working Group, Association
Education: Vocational Education And Training, Applied University, School & Academy

Organization's description

The Master Tailor Institute offers education in the field of tailor's craftsmanship. The education is based on the master-apprentice principle and aims to preserve and renew the traditional craftsmanship in the current fashion economic and cultural landscape. In collaboration with HBO-Drechtsteden, we offer a two-year advanced training for MBO 4 Fashion Tailor/Design students and anyone with proven talent. In addition to this training, a part-time track and various specialized courses are offered. The institute can also be approached to get in touch with high-quality tailors for the development of new collections and small productions. Alumni of the program work for couture, fashion, ballet, opera and theatre.

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