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Hul le Kes
Design: Designer, Design - Clothing, Design - Accessories
Research: Circular Economy, Fashion / Culture

Organization's description

In Arnhem you will find Hul le Kes. Its own manufacturing studio is based in a former wood mill. Here all their items are made by hand, dyed and transported to its clients all over the world. By April 2022 Hul le Kes opened a new, private shopping experience, in an old hardware store in the center of its hometown. Hul le Kes’ founders Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer have been working together for years and wanted to change the system. To create a new paradigm on fashion. Moving away from the superficial looks so prevalent in today’s social media and fashion industry, Hul le Kes wants to show it is not perfection but imperfection that makes people and clothes interesting and characterful. Inspired by antiques and arts, Hul le Kes wants to show people another value of fashion. Each Hul le Kes garment has its own passport, which the wearer can use to write down memories about wearing the garment. When a garment could use a new life, the piece can be returned with this passport. At the Hul le Kes Recovery Studio the item will get a make-over with plant based dyes and mending services; ready for a new life with a new owner and its own stories attached via the passport. Hul le Kes only uses secondhand, vintage, antique and dead stock materials to create new designs. Therewith no garment will look the same. At their own studio they will dye materials with food waste such as avocado seeds and onions or products found in the forest.

Hul le Kes employees

  • Sebastiaan Kramer
    Sebastiaan Kramer
    Managing Director

    Managing director at Arnheim Fashion Group (Hul le Kes & Studio RYN) and artistic director at 'Duurzame Mode 025' and Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem. Educated as a Fashion Designer and Business Administrator Sebastiaan is specialized in alternative business management for creative companies. Next to managing my own company I give guest lectures at Wageningen University, Radboud University, AMFI and HAN University of Applied Science Arnhem Nijmegen. Together with Sjaak Hullekes I have been working in fashion since 2005. Together we are the owners of Arnheim Fashion Group, a social enterprise focusing on changing the fashion system and create new paradigms.

  • Reinder Schmidt
    Reinder Schmidt
    Designer/ Product Developer

    Product developer and designer at Arnheim Fashion Group (Hul le Kes & Studio RYN). Educated as a Fashion Designer at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Focussing on sustainable product development with reused and overstock materials and production possibilities in the Netherlands.

  • Irma Jans
    Irma Jans
    Office & Hul le Kes Recovery Studio Coordinator
  • Jonathan Baan
    Jonathan Baan

    Office & Hul le Kes coordination