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Hellen van Rees
Design: Designer, Design - Textiles, Design - Clothing, Design - Accessories, Design - Tech & Pattern, Pattern Making
Research: Material / Tech, Fashion / Tech, Sustainability Supply Chain
Manufacturing: Processing Discarded Materials, Tailoring & Bespoke, Workwear, Textile Manufacturing, Other Textile Techniques, Haberdashery & Accessories

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Hellen founded her company in 2012, and through the years discovered her unique position between fashion, art and science. After starting out with seasonal collections and showing at London, Paris & Milan Fashion Weeks, she decided to find her own way by converting to a Slow Fashion approach. She started working more directly with customers and focusing more on research and development of new concepts and materials. Collaborations with partners like Vogue Italia and Hessnatur, but also the University of Twente and Saxion UAS made Hellen into a designer who’s comfortable moving between different worlds; combining fashion, design and art with technical and scientific research. She's also active in projects such as a Wearable Breathing Trainer for children with asthma & breathing disorders. This also led to advisory roles at i.a. the Dutch Creative Industries Fund.

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    Hellen van Rees