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Fous A Fous Fashion Apparel Productions
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Fous A Fous is a fashion apparel design and development agency based in Amsterdam working with manufacturer partners in Europe. We are specialized in consultancy, design, fabric sourcing, apparel development and production management. Fous A Fous provides accessible and affordable options for new or existing brands who are looking for comprehensive development from industry experts, as well as retailers who want to start their own private label brand. Fous A Fous means ‘hand in hand’ in Berber, a dialect in North- Morocco. We believe that great products are the outcome of cooperation with creatives and skilled partnerships with manufacturers, creating business that every party benefits from. With the support of Fous A Fous any part of the process from conceptual design to finished product can be completed more efficiently by understanding the needs of the fashion brands and the manufacturers. Fous A Fous works by four values that are represented throughout all of our actions and decisions. Quality: through our selection of expert partners we can ensure to provide brands with high quality garments. Good quality is important to extend a garment‘s life span and to oppose our throwaway society. Responsibility: next to producing garments of high quality to support the shift from fast to slow fashion, we carefully select our partners and materials - consciously keeping the environment and working conditions in mind. Cooperation: besides our goal to make the development and production process as easy as possible for all sides, we strive to work efficiently to avoid unnecessary waste and shippings. Transparency: by being transparent and clear, as well as considering everyone‘s needs and expectations we want to create business, which every party benefits from.

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    Fous A Fous Fashion Productions

    Let me introduce myself! I am Nabila Doudou and I founded Fous A Fous in 2018. Working for big players in the fashion industry for almost two decades taught me a lot about production and development processes, but eventually the time with Erik Frenken inspired me most and made me realize that I enjoy working with smaller labels a lot more. Throughout the years I noticed that smaller labels do not receive enough attention from suppliers and rather be put to the bottom of their priority list. This leads to collections being delayed or not having the agreed quality. For me it is a necessity to deliver quality and ensure durable clothing. With delivering high quality, low impact apparel, I want to support the shift from fast to slow fashion. My network, knowledge of the European fashion landscape and proven track record managing complex production collections makes it possible to get your collection in front of your customer in only half the time by ensuring that your brand will receive the needed attention from the suppliers. Besides Fous A Fous, I recently discovered my passion for teaching. At the Amsterdam Fashion Institute I am able to share my knowledge with young students and for me, the exchange with young visionaries is inspiring and refreshing after being in this industry for years.

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