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Design: Design - Clothing, Designer, Design - Accessories
Manufacturing: Processing Discarded Materials

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Hi! My name is Feline, I am 11 years old and I like being creative. I started my own small company on instagram during Corona and it has been a lot of fun. What started out with making bracelets quickly developed in making new items from old materials. I like using old jeans, curtains and even risotto bags to make bags, purses, Christmas decorations and cloths. I use the sewing machine but also handprint motives and use scrap materials to make something nice. I am young and I want to live on this planet for a long time so I think it is very important to take care of the environment. Sometimes it is difficult to think about what you can do - it is a big topic, that is why I like to inspire others by posting pictures and short clips of what I make on my instagram account. I was an ambassador for the Ally slowfashion challenge and I won the upcycle contest of the Dutch Sustainable Fashion week, this makes me very proud of myself!

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    Feline Mulder