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Fashion for Good
Platforms: Sustainability 360, Association, Exhibition / Showroom
Research: Fashion / Tech, Sustainability Supply Chain, Material / Tech
Education: Vocational Education And Training
Institutions: Ngo's

Organization's description

Fashion for Good is the global initiative that’s here to make all fashion good. By sparking and scaling innovation, by offering practical action in the form of support, funding and roadmaps, and by fostering sector-wide collaboration rather than competition, we enable the daring invention and widespread adoption of good fashion practice. With an Innovation Hub in Amsterdam that supports a global network of change makers, we are reimagining how fashion is designed, made, worn and reused for the good of people and the planet. Fashion for Good consists of six complementary initiatives, each of which works to enable a circular fashion industry: An early-stage and a late-stage programme to identify and scale circular technologies and business models, an acceleration fund, a ‘how-to guide’ for more sustainable fashion, a co-working space with likeminded organisations, and the Fashion for Good Museum in Amsterdam. The Fashion for Good Museum is an interactive fashion museum for the future of fashion, where we tell the stories behind the clothes you wear and how your choices can have a positive impact on people and our planet.

Fashion for Good employees

  • Rosalie van der Hart
    Rosalie van der Hart
    Marketing coordinator
  • Anne-Ro Klevant Groen
    Anne-Ro Klevant Groen
    Marketing & Communications Director
  • Alyxandra Westwood
    Alyxandra Westwood
  • Sophie van Duren
    Sophie van Duren

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